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Flashback: GarageFever 2003 (DJ EZ Feat. Viper, B-Live, CKP, Sparks & KIE)

October 30, 2009


Ok, this hasn’t been done before to my knowledge. Having a short flashback conversation with my boy Mr Stylus reminiscing the good old days when UK Garage was on top of the music scene. I started out extremely influenced by the UKG scene and attempted (i say that with a pinch of salt) to emulate DJ EZ. His skills and techniques within sets would embarrass any other DJ and the way he could cut up a tune whilst an MC was freestyling over the beat was ridiculous.

I had to upload one of the biggest sets for you all to appreciate how big it was back in the day.
Garage Fever 2003! Shout out to the legends in the game, DJ EZ, MC Viper, B-Live, CKP, Sparks & Kie on this one.

Leave comments if you appreciate the flava raver! This is BAWSE !

Download: GarageFever 2003 (DJ EZ Feat. Viper, B-Live, CKP, Sparks & KIE)