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Just Another Chapter In My Story…

January 15, 2010

It’s been a kind of rough few days and i wanted to write something to help those that may also be going through any hard times whether it be work related, relationships, financial or anything else.

Our lives tend to be carried by emotions and i find that especially within myself, although my business decisions are generally based on analysis and are conservative, my personal decisions, especially when i am emotionally involved, are rash and uncontrollable.
I look back over the years and can see similar traits of where i have excelled in enterprising and understanding theory within business, but have always had weaknesses with becoming emotionally attached to something or someone (this can relate to a partner or are business you created from scratch yourself).

As time passes, we encounter challenge after challenge that sets us apart as humans, each one being more difficult, and while we should learn from previous mistakes, sometimes it’s easy to get so emotionally involved that our knowledge and our ability to analyze a situation goes out the window. Read the rest of this entry ?


Video and Review: Bashy – Life

September 27, 2009

I wanted to do a separate post for a few videos this week rather than just throw them in the catch up post.

This one is Bashy and the video for Life. Firstly, what an awesome Video. Seems like they had a bit of budget to play with and it shows they got a very successful result in return. The original track is Produced by Toddla T (whose also been making moves this year) and is the 3rd single to drop from the album Catch Me If You Can. Read the rest of this entry ?