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The Benefits of Performance Appraisal

January 10, 2010

Well regular readers, this is day 6 of my 21 Day Challenge, and part of the Challenge was to write a blog post every day for 21 Days. Erm.. So i missed out yesterday to write a blog post, therefore, i will attempt to write two today.

After a lengthy debate session on Radio 1 DJ, MistaJam’s Blog about the term ‘Urban’ or ‘Black’ Music, which was rather interesting, (look for comments by Luca of course).

Moving swiftly on, this week i was set the task of creating a Personal Appraisal, so that i can pinpoint certain things about my character and about the direction in which i am heading.
Appraisal offers a valuable opportunity to focus on work activities and goals, to identify and correct existing problems, and to encourage better future performance. Thus the performance of the whole organization is enhanced. Read the rest of this entry ?