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Mistajam Raising Prostate Cancer Awareness

December 1, 2009

For those of you that are not already ready aware, November, is also known as Movember, as the month to raise money for a charity of your choice by growing a slug across your top lip.

So my boy DJ Grind has been growing a beast of a beard for the whole month to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer, and while tomorrow being the 1st of December, meaning he technically should be cleaning the up the tramp look, i personally think he should keep the scruff… So does Radio 1 and 1Xtra’s MistaJam

Myself and Team Supreme are also reaching out to any Artists or influential people that are interested in supporting the cause. if you wish to record a similar video drop, please please do, and send it to either myself, or directly to DJ Grind at

Hit the jump for a video from Master Shortie supporting the cause also!

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Gus from Eastenders [Interview and Freestyle Video]

October 7, 2009

So im scoping out the boy’s at TS to see what they saying and i see this gem of a post. Props to Grime Daily too.

“Come to clean up like you just seen Gus with a broom in the Square!”

This one is kinda big! Big up Gus the famous road sweeper.


Video: Don’t Shank, Just Skank (It Doesn’t Have To Happen)

October 4, 2009

Don’t Shank, Just Skank? Hmm… not quite sure if this one is gonna save lives. lol. Personally i think this is the funky crowd feeling a little left out from this getting a MOBO.

Anyway, decent effort. Track features Donaeo, Meleka, Rollin’ G, MC Neat & DJ Luck, Fr3e and KIG.

Via Team Supreme


Video: Affion Crockett – Run This Town (Spoof)

September 21, 2009

“only thing that’s on my mind, is whose gonna hunt Chris Brown tonight.” Lol

I used to love this guy on Wild’n’Out on MTV. He’s hilarious, from his impersonations to his dancing ability, he’s bawse!

Props to Jez Welham for the source


Video: Diversity’s Perri Falls On His Head

September 18, 2009

Ok, i really shouldn’t be laughing but come on. Outside No. 10 and all… FAIL


Video: Master Shortie – Bringing It Back

September 18, 2009

Initial thoughts: Catchy choon and heavy video. Was gonna write a blurb on my opinions but then i saw this from the boys at Team Supreme:

“Dear Master Shortie. No you’re not the best rapper in the UK. Yes, you ripped off Bluey Robinsons video. No, you’re not really bringing hip-hop back. (#noshots) However. It is a catchy tune which I happen to quite like, and the video does look good still, so well done on that front. And you’ve built up a solid fanbase, again, congrats. Yours truly, TeamSupreme.



Video: Bluey Robinson (ITN Interview / Underground Singing)

September 15, 2009

The talent that is Bluey Robinson had some tv coverage with ITN and told them a little about his single I Know, a forthcoming album for 2010 and how he has become known for live singing on Subway’s and Underground stations across London, Paris and New York.

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