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Which Websites Do You Visit The Most and Why?

January 8, 2010

While watching Celebrity Big Brother, which is actually quite jokes this time around and at the same time browsing the net (yep multi-tasking), i took a look at the tabs i have open and decided that i would write a short post about the sites that i use most regularly (bookmarks).
So what sites do you visit most frequently and it would be interesting to know what everyone has as their home page too!

So my home page is Google (durr) and generally i don’t use Google unless i am researching, so my first click will be towards a bookmark in my toolbar. Now, we all have that one site which we click to before we click anything else, and for a long time mine was Twitter, but for the last few days, my first click is of course… this one (my blog that is). Read the rest of this entry ?


Time For Some New Kicks!

July 23, 2009

I started off blogging about anything and everything a few months back but haven’t actually posted any garms or kicks in a while. I had to post these five selections and maybe if i get enough hits over the next few years i can save up to buy a pair…



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‘iAm Nike’ Range

June 5, 2009


Seriously gully! Customized and ordered……………………..i wish.
Bus pass in one hand chump change in the other.

Throw me a bone if you wanna purchase these for me.
I’ll blog whatever you want… 🙂 Your wish is my command!


Rick Ross shops in Dagenham market!!

May 12, 2009


Ha Ha… this cracked me up. No alibi Mr. Ross. Seems the Dirty South Rapper isn’t get paid enough, seeing as he’s sporting a fake pair of Louis Vuitton shades straight out of Dagenham Market.
Think he should do some collabs with the Louis Vuitton Don Mr. West and maybe he can throw him a spare pair.

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April 19, 2009


So, it’s back to uni this week kicking off with a serious Monday morning adventure to the Library! After two weeks off for Easter where i was supposed to get shit loads of my final project completed, i failed beyond belief!
Being ill for most of it has not helped and no doubt I’ll be filling in an ECF (extenuating circumstances form) to file for an extension. I did happen to get given the best present ever though… Street Fighter IV…during the holidays! That has potentially shadowed my aspirations of achieving a First Class now! Struggled beyond belief to defeat the final boss Seth… will have another pop later me thinks!


So anyway, this week! Thursday sees our latest event for iAmUni at Club 8 and were doing things bigger and better with a live performance from the legendary duo that are DJ LUCK & MC NEAT! Immense! Cannot wait!
Myself, im back DJing on this night after four years off the scene… I have decided to get myself a DJ console called the Hercules RMX which is reviewed as the best portable DJ Console around. Can’t afford the CDJ/Pioneer package and long am i going back to 1210’s and vinyl, so MP3 mixing is gonna be da way!

Also, Thursday is the deadline for both my dissertation first draft and the enterprise challenge stage 2! For those that don’t know about this, it’s basically a competition for students who have ideas for business opportunities!
Best ideas win the loot! Standard!!

So, if i wanna win the cash i need to be hitting it hard with a serious plan! So, this week is ready to go. As of tomorrow my new home is the Uni library and i’ll be there each and every day until Midday Thursday!

As for you lot, hopefully I’ll catch you at Club 8 this Thursday 23rd April! Holla for guestlist!!!


Seriously BLAZING!

April 6, 2009

I have never actually copped a pair of Hi-Tops from any range to add to my crep stack, but upon finding these badboys im seriously entertaining the thought of adding a these to the Garmage collect-shion! These shoes not only look great, but they’re sure to be lightweight enough to keep your feet feeling light during the sun’s heaviest moments.

Nike Sportswear Blazer Hi Lite Collection

Nike Sportswear Blazer Hi Lite Collection

These deserve one line… “Man-a-like SHOW ME, HOW U GET DAAN!”