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Milly comes to NEW VENUE Camden!

March 3, 2011

Upcoming internet sensation Milly Allen has partnered with The Monarch Camden for her latest ‘Milly’s World’ music showcase.

Former Tottenham Hotspur player Paul Allen’s daughter Milly is billed as the ‘antidote to The X Factor’. Following a fantastic launch night at the Embassy Club, Mayfair, and events at the prestigious Proud Camden, she’s working with television Production Company who’ll broadcast highlights and interviews as Milly features Britain’s brightest and most vibrant unsigned acts across the web. You can also find updates from Milly at Musicology Magazine.

For Camden girl Milly, the Monarch is a natural home for ‘Milly’s World’ and the line up of her Camden Event has already created a buzz of excitement across NW1:

Maverick Sabre
Milly’s World ‘s One to watch London born, Irish raised singer-songwriter Maverick Sabre is breaking the mould with his Guitar playing hip-hop reggae sound and I can only describe him as a little Firework . Beautiful but dangerous
Dynamite and definitely not one to be missed, and he is the only person to ever perform at Milly’s World twice this is a real Exclusive!!

Aruba Red
Is a breath of fresh air with a mixture of sounds such as reggae, dub, acoustic, soul and her own experimental style.Aruba is an independent young woman who speaks openly about her political views and puts all the conveyor belt pop stars of today to shame. Watch out for Aruba you have been warned!!

Ash Catch’em
Moroccan born and raised in West London Ash started rapping on pirate radio stations and after a short break is back doing Music where he belongs
He has his own organic Style unlike anybody else in Uk rap scene at the moment. He has the full backing of the SBTV boys which speaks for itself.

Rufio Summers
Is an artist songwriter and producer who’s sound has been growing along with the buzz around him, he started of in Rock Bands and his sound has grown over the years along with the buzz surrounding his name. He is Milly’s World very own Lenny kravitz

Along with DJ Layzee the music at ‘Milly’s World’, The Monarch Camden, will be as breathtaking as it is diverse. Miss this one at your peril!

Entry: Tickets £4 each available on the door.

Contacts @ Milly’s World
Milly Allen – 07756916097

For further information / Use of pictures / Interviews

The Monarch : +44 (0) 207 482 2054
40-42 Chalk Farm Road
Camden Town


Video: MOBO Awards Nominations List

August 27, 2009

So it’s that time again. The MOBO Awards is set for 30th September and here are some of the nominations…

I’m not gonna take any shots, but there’s a shed load of acts that should not be in there. Really looks like gaps need filling so lets just stick any urban act in the bunch. If i’m stating who i think ‘should’ win then Best Album by far is ‘Catch Me If You Can‘ by Bashy and hopefully an award for N-Dubz cos they work ridiculously hard. Not to mention, Dappy wrote and produced a popular Number one (ahem… hint) for a certain fellow act who is claiming Dappy was merely a feature…

Tbh, as long as JLS don’t win, i really don’t give a shit.

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This Weeks Must Attend Event: Milly’s World Feat. Master Shortie + More

August 10, 2009

Milly's World

This week sees a very special launch event in aid of Great Ormand Street Hospital.
In association with Elleh Cor, the SEB Collective Present’s Milly’s World. A showcase of real talent which diverses from the mass media made bands and artists that are manufactured by shows such as X-Factor and Britains Got Talent.

Headlined by the UK’s spotlight artist of the year, Master Shortie amongst a selection of amazing UK talent. Hosted by Kiss 100′s Manny Norte.

This is the launch night for what promises to be the start of an extremely positive look and will undoubtedly get a string of successful press and exposure leading to further exciting events in the coming months!

Limited Tickets are still available and can be purchased at the steal price of only £6 from here.

Keep locked to the blog for photos and interviews from yours truly, as i’ll be representing and snapping my way backstage. Best see you folks there… Yessssirrrr!

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Jay-Z & T-Pain On Stage for D.O.A. Performance (Video)

June 8, 2009

While over in the UK we head to our festivals and concerts with live bands and pop acts, over in the US, and in New York specifically they have a huge concert solely for urban music. This happened last night, and as the Tweet searches rose and bloggers went crazy, something amazing was going down at Hot 97’s – Summer Jam 2009.

The above video is an exclusive and as it was last night there isn’t much content to put up, but this little teaser taken by DJ Big would have no doubt been the highlight of the event. Jay-Z performing D.O.A (Death of Autotune) LIVE supported by none other than Mr. Autotune himself… T-Pain.

As i get more on Summer Jam, I’ll be hitting it all up. Safe to 2DopeBoyz and Splash for the content.


A Breath of ‘Fresh’ air

April 27, 2009

I’ve been down in Pompey just under 4 years now and from coming down here as a DJ/Producer and evolving in to an Event Organizer I have always spent a lot of time keeping up to date with the local scene and whose hot whose not.
As a DJ when you hit a new town you automatically think that you can just jump in and get involved…
Obviously, Pompey isn’t one bit like London so that thought disappeared out the window before i could shout BO!

As an arrogant little kid 4 years ago i did used to judge the local DJ’s heavily. Their track choices and mixing capabilities always used to make me laugh.
When everything i knew was underground from working with the serious clubs, DJ’s, MC’s and atmospheres in London to ending up in a musical mess on the South Coast where DJ’s aren’t talents, they are merely jobs for the uneducated… I had summed up Portsmouth and it’s local DJ’s in a blink.

4 years later im an established event organizer and my hating days have passed and now im good mates with the best of the best down here. Not to say names, but of course i still think most of them are employees of a musical culture rather than talents that should educate the masses to new music.

Where this ends up is with a DJ that goes by the name of Jay Fresh. When i first met Jay he was doing his thing in Envy on a Monday night and i was doing my usual skank out. I always like to chat to the DJ and have a gander at their mixing style, and it didn’t take long for me to be impressed with this chap. Using Serato and VINYL (yeah boy, vinyl) this guy is technically brilliant. CDJ’s or Technics, he’s smashing relentless perfect mixes in and out likes it’s going out of fashion. His track choices on a Monday night are some what shadowed by his corporate employers and do him no justice at all.
I first got Jay involved on one of my events for Revolution last December. I didn’t get to hear his set then cos i was running around making sure SWAY had his Jack Daniels.

Jay Fresh Performing at a 1Xtra Party

Jay Fresh Performing at a 1Xtra Party

Now 4 months later and i decided to get Mr. Fresh back involved with our events again. I knew this guy could handle himself around the equipment and always get a professional swagger from him in conversations, but i must say i was a tad skeptical if he was up to the job for playing a full garage set at Back To The Oldskool.
(Then again, i didn’t take it upon myself to check his MySpace Page and see that he’s been doing Garage since the late 90’s.

Jay and myself have had numerous chats lately and his friendly communications and knowledge with music is somewhat of a ‘breath of fresh air’ (excuse the pun). I must say i went years, i mean YEARS.. Hating the music scene down here and spent years trying to do the events that i love, forgetting to take in that WE ARE NOT IN LONDON! Must be why im not a millionaire yet i guess…

So Jay and i are chatting and this guy could seriously write a book on modern music. A musical brain that fits nicely in to DJ Magazine and should be kept safely locked away from corruption of cack music. Reminiscing the oldskool garage days and the big beatz of a 20th century music scene, i become familiar with a guy that knows the tunes that i know and even the record shops that i lived in for 5 years.

Come last Thursday and Back To The Oldskool i was actually more looking forward to seeing Jay Fresh than DJ Luck & MC Neat. I spent most of the night on the cash desk but could hear everything. Crankie & Bushman and their newly acquired Hercules RMX Console played leading up to Jay Fresh.

I must admit it was an emotional set from Mr. Fresh. I should have taken up his offer of booking the So Solid Twins and MAC to go alongside his set. As expected his track selection was potentially floor stopping and his mixes had me in a dance fueled frenzy in the cash booth. Fresh let loose pretty much every big UK Garage track ever and brought back memories of what it’s like to hear a DJ that lives within their music. His mixing style is far from orthodox and varies all the best traits of a professional musician, not just a DJ! I was overly impressed to say the least and since then have praised Jay for his efforts. I look forward to his next set which actually happens to be this Thursday!
Supporting Young Nate, Mr. Fresh will be let loose once again to turn up the heat for the ravers.

No corporate playlists here… expect the best in Hip Hop/R&B/UK Garage/Grime/Bassline/Funky/Bashment/Afro-beatz. See flyer below for more details…

What i am thinking about last Thursday though… Was it really Jay Fresh or DJ EZ in the building?

Catch Jay Fresh at Liquid & Envy, Portsmouth on a Monday Night, Thursday’s at iAmUni – Club 8 and The Chapel, Salisbury on Saturday’s.

Also tune in to his radio show Wednesdays – 9pm – 11pm 107.6 FM or online –

Jay Fresh Links:

Fire Radio
Jay Fresh MySpace Page
Jay Fresh Facebook Page
Jay Fresh Download’s


Messy weekend!

April 27, 2009

The Monday afternoon recap of the long weekend!! Damn, i planned to go out just on Friday and have a messy one and then have a productive weekend cracking on with work.
Hmm… Ended up getting messy Fri, Sat and Sunday.
Anyone else tell themselves that come Monday they’re gonna get busy and have a productive week?
Seems i do so every week and fail miserably. Then again getting completely smashed can’t be classed as a fail right?

Let’s track back anyway…

Thursday night saw our weekly event at Club 8, Portsmouth called iAmUni and this week was the start of a new brand called Back To The Oldskool.
Headlined by legendary UK Garage duo DJ Luck & MC Neat, we had a solid night of oldskool anthems and bassline bangers.
Supported by the South Coast’s hottest DJ at the moment Jay Fresh Boy did he KILL it! Coming from a DJ angle myself, i must say i was overly impressed with both his track choice and technical ability. That’s being modest too.
So DJ Luck & MC Neat did their thing and we also had a special scenario happen too… Just so happens that N-Dubz & Tinchy Stryder were performing at the Pyramids Center and wanted to party afterward.
At about 1pm im sitting at the cash desk and this little chap with a woolly hat comes sprinting into the club… that was Dappy! Followed by Frazer, Tulisa and a seemingly miserable Tinchy Strdyer. Sure he’ll be feeling better now hes Number One in the charts with Number 1! Decent night!

Friday, i just hit the town with a few pals and Saturday i had a repeated now except without the casino foreplay. Tut Tut!

Sunday was Carnage! And i don’t just mean a messy ordeal, that it was, but it was the pub crawl event Carnage.
Bar crawling to Liquid & Envy armed with a t-shirt and a marker pen i was taking binge drinking to the extreme. Anyway, 2000 students floating about at once is a joke no matter what so it’s all banter! Much to my own problems im now struggling to crack right on.

Monday it is and im spending my time in catch up mode… anyone fancy giving me an assist i have a fiver an hour waiting cos all i wanna do is get involved with my 10 new Xbox games. Not gonna happen with 12,000 words still to write! Somebody say mercy!

In a bit x



April 19, 2009


So, it’s back to uni this week kicking off with a serious Monday morning adventure to the Library! After two weeks off for Easter where i was supposed to get shit loads of my final project completed, i failed beyond belief!
Being ill for most of it has not helped and no doubt I’ll be filling in an ECF (extenuating circumstances form) to file for an extension. I did happen to get given the best present ever though… Street Fighter IV…during the holidays! That has potentially shadowed my aspirations of achieving a First Class now! Struggled beyond belief to defeat the final boss Seth… will have another pop later me thinks!


So anyway, this week! Thursday sees our latest event for iAmUni at Club 8 and were doing things bigger and better with a live performance from the legendary duo that are DJ LUCK & MC NEAT! Immense! Cannot wait!
Myself, im back DJing on this night after four years off the scene… I have decided to get myself a DJ console called the Hercules RMX which is reviewed as the best portable DJ Console around. Can’t afford the CDJ/Pioneer package and long am i going back to 1210’s and vinyl, so MP3 mixing is gonna be da way!

Also, Thursday is the deadline for both my dissertation first draft and the enterprise challenge stage 2! For those that don’t know about this, it’s basically a competition for students who have ideas for business opportunities!
Best ideas win the loot! Standard!!

So, if i wanna win the cash i need to be hitting it hard with a serious plan! So, this week is ready to go. As of tomorrow my new home is the Uni library and i’ll be there each and every day until Midday Thursday!

As for you lot, hopefully I’ll catch you at Club 8 this Thursday 23rd April! Holla for guestlist!!!