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We Are The World 25 – But What’s a Justin Bieber?

February 13, 2010

It’s almost 3am on a Saturday morning and my viewing of the completely turd Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony has been overshadowed by a certain discussion erupting on Twitter regarding the latest attempt at a marketing buzz surrounding the Haiti disaster.

Firstly, i am not against Charity Singles. I actually love the idea of the world’s biggest media forces using their manipulation for the great of good once in a national disaster. I mean, lets bang out a video of every major urban artist (bar Jay-Z who already got in first of course with Mr i will chop my arm off to be known as a philanthropist Bono… and Eminem, who i just assume is probably in India rehearsing his voice?). Read the rest of this entry ?


Who Says I Have To Work To Your Schedule?

January 7, 2010

If you have read my blog the last few days you would have noticed that i) i have returned from a dormant phase in the blogersphere and ii) i have set myself a 21 day challenge to test out the theory that if you do something every day for 21 days it will become a habit.

Well it’s Day 3 of my challenge and it’s going well at the moment as i have been to the gym every day this week (twice yesterday actually), im eating healthy and im also, as you can see, blogging daily too.
Rather than bore you with the salad that i ate today or how many reps i did with a dumbbell, i think it’s about time i got you people thinking. Now how can i do that? I didn’t think of this whilst in the sauna this evening, as i have spoken about this topic with people previously, but i would like to get your thoughts about the working week and the infamous eight hour day.

As it stands in the UK, the standing working week is eight hours per day and five days per week. In this time we are to achieve whatever tasks our job relies upon so that we can be set free for our two days off. Read the rest of this entry ?