About Luca

Welcome to the blog to end all blogs!

As you can tell by my ever so subtle banner, iAmLuca.

I have one philosophy… “If you don’t ask questions, you don’t get answers.”

I am a Digital and Music Industry consultant. What does that mean? As a Digital Consultant i use digital marketing and social media to introduce companies and individuals to ways that they can benefit from utilizing these areas.
To the Music Industry, i help up and coming Artists and Musicians understand digital and how they can further themselves without having to hope and dream for that one shot Record Deal. Click here for more about this.

I created this blog with an idea of what i was going to chat about, but more of a decision to just get on it and get busy with it.

Talk to everyone, raise your profile, make yourself heard but don’t act an idiot, create friends not enemies and collaborate with those who share the same visions and embrace with those that will hate.

It’s about acknowledging that the world is developing and we are in a digital age. This is not a FAD or a passing movement!!! Doors are opening and we now all have the opportunity to make something of ourselves, just by taking note of what avenues are available.

With these avenues i have found myself understanding what the public demand is and why others fail. Does it mean i am successful? No. But i am a step further on my path to achieving success than i was yesterday.

It’s time to get busy…




  1. I luv ur blog! The way the page is laid out is so clean and smart. Good articles plus it’s really easy on the eyes. I’m definitely gonna bookmark this page!

  2. yo this man is the shit…check him out i see big thins from this man. after a debut album wit jay-z… sky is the limit!

    im diggin the blog as well

  3. Loving the blog, clever, funny, I rate everything about it!(and you.obviously.)

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