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Just Another Chapter In My Story…

January 15, 2010

It’s been a kind of rough few days and i wanted to write something to help those that may also be going through any hard times whether it be work related, relationships, financial or anything else.

Our lives tend to be carried by emotions and i find that especially within myself, although my business decisions are generally based on analysis and are conservative, my personal decisions, especially when i am emotionally involved, are rash and uncontrollable.
I look back over the years and can see similar traits of where i have excelled in enterprising and understanding theory within business, but have always had weaknesses with becoming emotionally attached to something or someone (this can relate to a partner or are business you created from scratch yourself).

As time passes, we encounter challenge after challenge that sets us apart as humans, each one being more difficult, and while we should learn from previous mistakes, sometimes it’s easy to get so emotionally involved that our knowledge and our ability to analyze a situation goes out the window. Read the rest of this entry ?


SWOT Analysis: Your Secret Weapon

January 13, 2010

While my previous post was on the benefits of Performances Appraisals, this one, and last of the week is all about SWOT Analysis.

Now for the general reader, i should problem inform you that this isn’t the understanding of how the police break down doors and storm a building all guns blazing. That would be SWAT and stands for Special Weapons And Tactics. SWOT simply stands for: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Phew, glad we cleared that up; now a SWOT Analysis will help you or your business massively because it will allow you to look closely at the foundations that build up the specifics to you or your company. Read the rest of this entry ?


The Benefits of Performance Appraisal

January 10, 2010

Well regular readers, this is day 6 of my 21 Day Challenge, and part of the Challenge was to write a blog post every day for 21 Days. Erm.. So i missed out yesterday to write a blog post, therefore, i will attempt to write two today.

After a lengthy debate session on Radio 1 DJ, MistaJam’s Blog about the term ‘Urban’ or ‘Black’ Music, which was rather interesting, (look for comments by Luca of course).

Moving swiftly on, this week i was set the task of creating a Personal Appraisal, so that i can pinpoint certain things about my character and about the direction in which i am heading.
Appraisal offers a valuable opportunity to focus on work activities and goals, to identify and correct existing problems, and to encourage better future performance. Thus the performance of the whole organization is enhanced. Read the rest of this entry ?


Which Websites Do You Visit The Most and Why?

January 8, 2010

While watching Celebrity Big Brother, which is actually quite jokes this time around and at the same time browsing the net (yep multi-tasking), i took a look at the tabs i have open and decided that i would write a short post about the sites that i use most regularly (bookmarks).
So what sites do you visit most frequently and it would be interesting to know what everyone has as their home page too!

So my home page is Google (durr) and generally i don’t use Google unless i am researching, so my first click will be towards a bookmark in my toolbar. Now, we all have that one site which we click to before we click anything else, and for a long time mine was Twitter, but for the last few days, my first click is of course… this one (my blog that is). Read the rest of this entry ?


Who Says I Have To Work To Your Schedule?

January 7, 2010

If you have read my blog the last few days you would have noticed that i) i have returned from a dormant phase in the blogersphere and ii) i have set myself a 21 day challenge to test out the theory that if you do something every day for 21 days it will become a habit.

Well it’s Day 3 of my challenge and it’s going well at the moment as i have been to the gym every day this week (twice yesterday actually), im eating healthy and im also, as you can see, blogging daily too.
Rather than bore you with the salad that i ate today or how many reps i did with a dumbbell, i think it’s about time i got you people thinking. Now how can i do that? I didn’t think of this whilst in the sauna this evening, as i have spoken about this topic with people previously, but i would like to get your thoughts about the working week and the infamous eight hour day.

As it stands in the UK, the standing working week is eight hours per day and five days per week. In this time we are to achieve whatever tasks our job relies upon so that we can be set free for our two days off. Read the rest of this entry ?


21 Days To Create A Habit – My Challenge

January 5, 2010

Yesterday i decided to get back into the blog game, i was actually sitting in the steam room at the leisure center when i began to brainstorm. I hadn’t written a decent post in a while and where the majority of my readers type the iamluca url and expect to watch a new music video or free download, i hate to disappoint but that chapter has taken a leap off a 80 story tower block. If you do want your daily Urban Music fix i suggest you check out my good friends at Team Supreme, cos they have the Urban Music Blog game locked down.

Back to the story now; so i am sitting in the steam room, towel over my head and all that, deep breaths soaking up the aroma and Aloe Vera the chap next to me has sprayed, when i remembered something that Andrew Davis told me a few weeks back. Now for reference, Andrew is a mentor, a colleague of mine, and the creator of The Worst Kept Secret.

“If you do something 21 days in a row it becomes a habit.” Andrew stated. I don’t usually question Andrew, i prefer to just Google something and i haven’t yet found a time when he speaks out of his arse so i can take his statements as a valid argument. Read the rest of this entry ?


Get Off The Bench And Into The Game!

January 4, 2010

On the 24th March 2009 i had the idea to create a blog. My words at the time in my first post were “I created this blog with an idea of what i was going to chat about, but more of a decision to just get on it and get busy with it. Blogs are happening and people are reading them… which means there are people that wanna know more about something and for me that’s an opportunity in itself.” Intuitive right? That’s what i thought…

That was as Andrew Davis says, “Getting off the bench and into the Game.” For the first few weeks i was blogging about anything and everything, but in time i realized the gap i saw was that no-one on the South Coast (where i was living at the time) was blogging at all. More to point, no-one was talking about the entertainment scene, and it got me questioning.. If no-one is talking about it, then how can anyone outside of those towns know about it? That’s where i guess i wanted to start. Read the rest of this entry ?