DJ Grind’s South Coast Freshers Preview

September 22, 2009


Mr. DJ Grind happens to have a weekly column in the South Coast’s leading paper, The News. This week he speaks about this years Freshers Fortnight Events on the South Coast, heading to London for the big Orange Rockcorps show (with me) and also mentions a little bit about yours truly! How about that…

“The next couple of weeks should be interesting. Its time for clubs and Portsmouth promoters to get their act together. Every week I write about what is going on and I have to skip out of town because nothing is happening, Big nights are happening in Bournemouth, Basingstoke and Southampton, But not Portsmouth. Well the students are starting to drift back into town now. And I still haven’t heard of any rumours about any nights happening or any performers coming to town. Maybe this is because 2 of the biggest promoters in Portsmouth are no longer involved in the scene. Luca Massaro (That’s Me) who organised the Revolution events has headed back to London and Lewis Doughty (One Night Stand) is about to have a baby (Well, His girlfriend is!) Should the scene really be so reliant on two people? Shocka B who has brought his R.U.M night to Portsmouth before is concentrating on Southampton now. The Portsmouth urban scene, just like its football team, is in real trouble.

Tonight ill be heading to London again to the Orange Rockcorps event. Headlining this event will Nas & Nelly, Also on the line up will be Chase & Status, David Guetta & Kelly Rowland plus many more. The Orange Rockcorps events are something that are gaining more publicity all the time as the only way you can get a ticket is to do some community service in a designated area. 4 Hours of your time put to a good cause will get you tickets to the hottest show in town, and hopefully you’ll get a sense of pride from it as well.

Monday night at The Whitehouse is becoming the place to head right now, This week the biggest names in funky are all in the same room. Funky Dee Are you gonna bang, Gracious Kay Migraine Skank and DJ Dexter from the KIG Family will all be there along with a surprise guest who has had two number one hits! Also the BIG Djs such as Shocka B and Mr Flash will be there, the usual nights are available in Portsmouth”.


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