Levi’s OnesToWatch, October Residency with Example

September 18, 2009


See below for full review by Dan Wade:

Like a married couple throwing their car keys into a bowl, last night’s line-up saw Levi’s add a little bit of variety into our lives. Set against the intimate milieu of the Camden Barfly, the Sigur Ros beauty of A Genuine Freakshow, electro wizardry of Milke and the Hip Hop hootenanny of Example all played to a, at times, dumbfounded crowd, but an ever increasingly joyous one.

Post-rock collective A Genuine Freakshow kicked of proceedings with a spellbinding set of heartfelt, spine-tingling beauty. Both ‘We Are The Undercurrent’ and ‘Holding Hearts’ stood out as tracks that shimmered and soared thanks to the intricacy of the cello, violin and trumpet. All worked and weaved together to form an awe-inspiring climax that beguiled the bejeasus out of everyone in it’s wake.

Next up was electro hotshots Milke who, on tonight’s evidence, will undoubtedly be playing bigger venue’s than the Barfly in 12 months time. It’s rare that you see a band and instantly know they’re going to be big, but tonight, it’s painfully obvious. Walking a tightrope between 80’s anthemic disco and 90’s rave, the London three-piece rifled through an unrelenting arsenal of brash, bold and brazen tracks, with ‘Love Get Out Of My Way’, bringing the set to a peerless peak.

Jay Z may have been playing just down the road but for a ram-packed Barfly there was only one lyrical wordsworth who really mattered tonight. West London wideboy Example. Wasting no time in delving into his vast collection of cultivated tracks, a product of formally being nurtured under the wing of Mike Skinner, Example, aka Elliot John Gleaves, thrashed through fan favorite after fan favorite. ‘Girl Cant Dance’ bobbed, weaved and fuzzed manically, while the best track of the night, the egotistical lady whooing of ‘Dirty Face’, continued the transformation from hip hop to electro-rap mash up. Next single ‘Watch The Sun Come Up’, was perhaps further proof that before our very eyes a new star was being born. Awash with the memories of balmy Balearic nights’ it swelled heavy hearts and raced gloriously to a climatic, emotive finale.

Review by Dan Wade

Example’s latest video:


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