Video: Kanye West Speaks With Jay Leno / Performs with Jay-Z & Rihanna

September 15, 2009

Okay, so Kanye had another moment of madness. Let’s face it, some of these artists just can’t handle the prime time business and from what i saw whilst watching the VMA’s, Kanye enjoyed his bottle of Hennesey. Here’s a brief interview he had with Jay Leno the day after:

I understand that his mama died and for anyone’s that close to their parents, it’s enough to break them completely. So im not gonna report too much on that note. However, im not completely sold by it being completely spontaneous. I still think everything we see on MTV and at these shows is planned and if captain naive and his army of sheep choose to say otherwise you can email me at luca@doesnotgiveashit.com

Here’s the three musketeers performing Run This Town on the show also:


One comment

  1. you can always say that Kanye West is a good singer but he will never be as good as michael jackson ~~’

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