Video: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Trailer

September 8, 2009

Firstly my XBOX has just died so i am in the process of waiting for Microsoft to sort the 3 Red Rings ting and delivery my baby back. Secondly, COD MW2 is going to be the end of social life as i know it.

This one is gonna be emotional to the extent of some serious heartbreaks. Girls prepare to be dropped for the box. We love you Infinity Ward!



  1. You will need software that will allow you to create video game backup’s there’s many choices out there, I recommend finding one that has a good user interface and one that seems easy to use. Once you have this software and have installed it then you will simply need to run the program by clicking on the programs icon twice.

    From this point all you will need to do is rip the original content of the original game disk, you do this by inserting your original game disk and the computer and software will do the rest. Once your computer has all the information it needs then it will burn all the content onto a blank disk, this step will take a couple of minutes.

  2. great read! I can’t wait till Modern Warfare 2 comes out!

    Sodagod @ Modern Warfare 2 Forums

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