Video: Bashy – Your Wish Is My Command Feat. H-Boogie

August 10, 2009

New video from UK’s own Bish Bash Bosh! Heavy video, taking us way way back… This is definitely a statement of intent aimed at the sheep within todays music industry. In short, the stereotypical “mans on road with his boys looking mean” stereotype ain’t working and Bashy is setting a new standard of creativity. Got my props!

Here’s some blurb for ya…

Im going to take you back, way back, back into timeaway from Record Companies just churning out any old music, away from artists not having anything to say to a time where music was music!

Its 1981. MTV is in its infancy and disco pumps through the music venues of the world. Bashy and H Boogie are releasing a ground-breaking music video that uses the latest video techniques of luma and chroma keying to create a video of cosmic proportions.

Using his all-powerful crystal ball, Bashy; a disco shaman, calls H Boogie from across the galaxys to grant him the power he so desires. Recognizing the dangerous allure of this pharo of funk, H Boogie tries to resist his charms but soon finds her-self hurtling through the stars on a collision course with earth.

This inter-galactic lust story will be filmed on original tube cameras and utilize cutting edge late 70s video techniques such as trails and kaleidoscopic effects to capture the power game between these two intergalactic stars.

Catch Me If You Can is out now. Go cop that shizz!



  1. Thank you.Very good.

  2. Cool retro disco. Awesome!

  3. I love that retro stuff!

  4. Awesome video i must say. Bsh bash bosh rocks! i have watched this earlier on youtube though.

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