Tyrese Breaks Records With New “Mayhem” Comic Book

July 14, 2009

Tyrese-Mayhem Pic

The last 12 hours for this blog have been crazy. After blasting off at around 12am with a post about Tyrese’s new project ‘Mayhem’ and his marketing grind, i sent the Transformers star my post via my twitter and he sent it out to his own twitter fan base. Within an hour i amounted over 1,500 hits. Now that’s marketing power.

The day starts today with a new story, and Tyrese is once again the talk of the web space. A press release has dropped and everyone is re-posting it via their blogs and via websites across the globe.
So it would be rude not to join the queue right? Correct… Enjoy! Read full press release after the jump.

“Mayhem” drops August 5th and we have a new press release for ya’ll to read up on the project and see what all the hype is about:

“TYRESE GIBSON’s MAYHEM and Image Comics announce their presale efforts through a partnership with Los Angeles, CA’s Meltdown Comics have exceeded single-store records not seen since the early nineties with over ten thousand units sold.

“The success of MAYHEM is a golden opportunity for all retailers to tap into this new influx of readers and in-store foot traffic that Tyrese brings with him,” says Meltdown owner Gaston Dominguez. “Tyrese is a 2.0 celebrity who is a marketing workhorse and whose brand spans across movies, music, and TV. Team MAYHEM are in it to win it! They are sincere and want to put out good products that cater to their fan base and beyond. Believe me when I tell you that if Tyrese Twitters your store name you will get calls and in-store orders.”

Todd McFarlane (Image Comics President SPAWN creator) said,”With the current state of the comic book industry, any new infusion of excitement or customers would be a welcome relief. Tyrese brings both of those to the table along with his unbridled enthusiasm. Image is looking forward to having a long sustained run with him on MAYHEM and some of the other ideas he’s talked about for the future.”

TYRESE GIBSON’S MAYHEM has not only been pushed by Gibson’s own efforts through Twitter and his personal outreach to comics retailers, but its also been the center of a world wide publicity campaign tied into his starring role in the recent blockbuster film, Transformers 2. Thus far MAYHEM has been featured by CNN, MTV, The Today Show, Complex, USA Today, E!’s Chelsea Lately, Access Hollywood, Essence, among many others. The tour continues as Gibson, along with MAYHEM’s artist, Tone Rodriguez, and co-writers, Mike Le and Will Wilson, will be in attendance during this month’s San Diego Comic-Con International at Image Comics, booth #2729. He will also be discussing the future of MAYHEM along with the long-awaited unveiling of the eventual collection’s cover by Image Founder and the superstar artist of ALL-STAR BATMAN & ROBIN, Jim Lee during The Image Comics Show on Friday, July 26th at 11:30 in Room 5AB.

Lee adds, “There’s nothing more compelling about a bold, original character than an impassioned team of creators. MAYHEM’s boundless energy starts from the top as whirlwind dynamo creator Tyrese Gibson singlehandedly makes you love the character as if he were your very own betrayed, tragic son seeking redemption. MAYHEM is fresh, fun and most importantly, from the heart.”

“I am humbled by the love and support MAYHEM has received from all the legendary comic veterans and trend-setters,” says Tyrese Gibson. “To have the personal endorsements of Jim Lee, Avi Arad, Todd McFarlane, Robert Kirkman, Grant Morris, and so many others…it just blows my mind. I am excited to bring MAYHEM to the die-hard comic book fans, but I am most excited at this opportunity to expose this world to the new generation of comic book fans, who, like me until now have never read a comic book in their lives. They will find new heroes to embrace and enjoy escapism at it’s best! This is only the beginning…”

TYRESE GIBSON’S MAYHEM #1 (JUN090321), a 32-page full color comic book for $2.99, will be in-stores August 5th, 2009. For real time MAYHEM updates, follow Tyrese on Twitter = @Tyrese4Real.


  1. I am so effin READY!!

  2. Good luck with the comic, Looks like its gonna go off the wall for real xx

  3. It is really great to see your accomplishments, I want to get intouch with you regarding a non-profit kids organization called Saturday Science Academy II at Charles Drew University. You would be an awesome guest speaker for our Junior White Coat Ceremony. The kids would truly appreciate hearing from you, you would be filling them with hope that they can strive to achieve success even though they were born in an area that does not display that they can. I pray I am able to establish contact and see what your schedule it like. May God continue to bless and keep you. You are truly an inspiration to a lot of our inner city youth.

  4. You’ve got some serious Twitter power and it comes from inspiration. You believed in this and you made us all believe. I’ve been following this forever with you Ty and I’m nothing less than PROUD of you. You DID IT (yeah we helped LOL) But you kept your nose to the grindstone and DID THAT BABY!!!!
    I can’t wait to read it and congratulations on your success with this Ty, I know how much it meant to you. Loving you from Sin City Baby.


  6. yep. i had the same experience on my blog. i wrote an article about Tyrese’s marketing push last month and Tweeted it to him, the same day i got 10 times my normal traffic from rabid Tyrese fans.

    but he’s not BSing… he’s actually studying the comics biz and attacks the marketing like it was a movie or a new double ceedee. that’s exciting for me as a comics nerd who advocates new people creating and reading.

    • Thanks for the comment dude. Today has been by far and away my biggest day in terms of hits. Like you said, i have had around 10 times more than my normal traffic. Almost 5,000 hits today. It’s crazy.

      The guy is serious, and is seriously clever. His marketing ability on twitter alone is next level. He is a force at work and constantly grinding. It’s people like him that make the internet entertaining and the reason i write a blog and network with anyone and everyone. Keep in touch dude.

  7. […] Tyrese Breaks Records With New “Mayhem” Comic Book « By Luca It is really great to see your accomplishments, I want to get intouch with you regarding a non-profit kids organization called Saturday Science Academy II at Charles Drew University. You would be an awesome guest speaker for our Junior … – https://iamluca.wordpress.com/ […]

  8. Well, that is certainly very good, but how about the other choices we’ve got here? Would you mind writing a further post regarding all of them also? Thx!

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