Sway – The King Full Stop (MJ Tribute)

June 25, 2009


Sway announced on his TwitterI write a song about everything, I wrote a tribute to MJ, but won’t post it cause I am a genuine fan and don’t want to be seen as u know.”

The UK Hip Hop superstar decided to let anyone hear the track.“I can share it directly with anyone that wants to hear it.” So, I sent over my email address to Mr. Safo and he sent me back a track named ‘The King Full Stop.’ (See the jump for download and lyrics)
Included in the email were the lyrics to the piece and from the offset, before listening i can see the emotion with the words.

The track is composed as an acoustic piece formulated with very mellow guitar and piano riffs. Sway has an incredible talent with wordplay, lyrics and delivery. His flow has never been questioned in the past and has always been recognized as having a consist ability to produce sophisticated vocabulary within his contemporary compositions.

The track itself is brilliant. Sway’s lyrics are extremely heartfelt, spine tingling and portray an obvious sense of pain and anguish that he feels towards the obvious loss of one of his largest inspirations. Personally, i am a huge Michael Jackson fan, and forever will be. I have always argued for his case and never once believed the media manipulated stories that evidently drove our hero to his passing.

Sway has explained in this single piece of music, each and every reason to why the planet is in mourning with the loss of one of it’s favorite children.
The composed production alongside Sway’s impressive vocals has cultivated in a warm feeling that will lift downed spirits following on from the hardest 48 hours the entertainment world has ever faced.

My appreciation and regards go out to Derek ‘Sway’ Safo for sending me the piece and to anyone else who is feeling the pain in these days of anguish.

Download Here (Props to Team Supreme for the upload)

‘The King Full Stop’

Jackson, Jackson,
The legend Michael Jackson,
Forever remember where you was when it happened,
Everybody staring at phones reading their flashes
In hope it was just a rumour and sooner we’ll get the facts in.
I’ll always remember the spot where I was standing
Exact same spot where I felt like collapsing.
Our relationship with music he has always been the captain
Even after confirmation it sunk, it never sank in.
The same year I was born Michael brought you “Thriller”.
Funny the 1st ever album that I was brought was Thriller.
Out of this world his moonwalk done brought us all together.
An important figure can’t figure a human force that’s bigger.
It wasn’t right how the media handled Mike
Disgusting how they’re always discussing if he was black or white.
His mum was black, his dad was black so it aint rocket science to say he’s black alright.
But that didn’t matter to him, cause he was not racist.
Self proclaimed “Bad” thus he caught cases
There ain’t a smooth criminal without court cases.
Said he was touching, I said he was touching all nations,
Even before “Dangerous” he’s like a thousand times bigger than rest
Rewind his tape like a thousand times Elvis was a great and Lennon was a Legend and Michael J was like both over a thousand times.
They said that his sales declined but after about 750 million what’s left to yell about?
There ain’t a music act that doesn’t owe Jacko, jack
So he’s always gonna sell as long as they’re about
Watching his life was an honour and I don’t mean no kinda disrespect to Madonna
But Michael was on a different level, and he adopted all of us in his songs
While he was trying to heal the world like a doctor.
I hope the money goes to the kids, as I hold these two O2 tickets. For his 50 date tour less than 50 days away so from his death at 50 wish he had 50 days more but never got half, pasted on the 25th of June and we should remember this day as his.
I believe he never left and he would never leave, never been a legend that lived that can ever breathe, never been a martyr that fought that can forever bleed, never been a leader that walked, that can forever lead, God will give him to us same God will to take him from us. Now he’s in his rightful place cause he was so heavenly. All for one and one for all he made a song for all, so I put a copy of his “Off The Wall” on the wall.
My town misses him, your town misses him, everybody since motown misses him. Now when you think of him picture him standing on a stage with his hand up one glove glistening, whole world at a standstill listening anticipating his next move the King is him.
From age 5 and the days of J5 he’s never took a break, no rest to take 5, there’ll never be a next the rest just ain’t Mike.
Time to pay our respects and watch the angels take flight
Out into the sky and never ever land, cos his house was in the sky and never, never never land.
Under all the pressure he never ever ran, he’s the best forever damn, who dressed forever glam.
The biggest man on the planet, not just a brother to Janet, our thoughts go out to his family,
He gave his hearts to the fans and he paved the way for the future, still his flame is in you, ‘cos he inspired song writers, record labels, producers,
They saying Michael Jackson was the King of Pop.
But I’m saying he was the King full stop.
People saying Michael Jackson was the King of Pop,
but I’m saying he was the King full stop.



  1. nice write up dude, big ups!

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  3. Its AMAZING !!

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  5. I love Micheal Jackson so much. These lyrics are so true. This song made me cry. He’s better on the other side. To all the haters reading this.. GROW UP. Please. You’re talking about someone who has had a successful life, who’s sold more then 750 million albums and yet you sit down here saying he molests children? Love you Micheal!

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