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June 15, 2009

Social Networking… a fad? Digital won’t last? It’s an invasion of privacy?

We’ve heard it all before, and at one point i was probably one to complain about people who lace their entire thoughts into 140 characters. However, as online identities become the masks for digital marketing, social networking sites have become the bosses of the net.

Social Networking is not a FAD! Digital will NOT die! But it is all an invasion of privacy… But then again, if everyone is doing it then it must be ok… right?

Well, i would just like to advice that my new home is now Twitter.

If you’ve got me Facebook you know i use it a lot but mainly just for promotion of events and shizz. I used to be all over Facey-B but now i’ve packed up my little case of knowledge and moved into Twitterville.

Twitter is now where i get my swerve on. (That sounds wrong).
Big up all my Twitter followers and all of my future Tweeters and Tweeterettes.

The revolution has begun…


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