Gang Arrested for Buying Own Music

June 11, 2009


Source: JumpoffTV

It’s no secret that every record that gets released and charts is bought by friends, family and industry folk alike, we always get requests to buy several copies on release date. Am not sure how much of a difference that actually makes but this gang have come up with an even better idea!

They have distributed 19 compilations legally, but then they bought back 1000s of copies with fake accounts and stolen credit cards. They pocketed the sales revenue and royalties totalling about £650k/$1mil.

Am sure this seemed like a great scam at the time but surely if your joint is purchased by like 90% stolen cards, you gonna get busted?!? They should have at least bought random other music to throw the trail right?

Am approaching TV channels with a new idea for a show; Dumbest Criminals Online!

Telegraph says: catching the eye of music industry chiefs as a new emerging talent

The hunt is on now, can’t wait to hear who it is. And to think, they may have been close to being signed!


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