Swift Beats & DJ Grind – The Takeoff

June 7, 2009


Southampton based artist Swift Beats hooks up with DJ Grind, to show why he is one of the best up & coming artists in the UK. DJ Grind is one of the biggest UK mixtape DJs on the scene with previous mixtapes featuring global megastars Eminem, Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes.

So it’s a Sunday afternoon and I’m jamming to my regular selection of new music that’s been sent throughout the week and I’ve got this mixtape by a Southampton, UK based artist and from the off I’m definitely impressed.
Obviously alongside the boy that is DJ Grind we’ve got a formula for success here, but this kid’s flow is slightly retarded.

Swift was born in Jamaica, but has spent the majority of his life over here in the UK. Working with a selection of US artists and distributors, Swift has gathered knowledge and experience from his overseas ventures and with what appears to be a natural talent for rhyming and delivering lyrics, this guy has produced a mixtape worthy of any Low Riding Impala Sound System; and is both easy listening and entertaining.

As casual as i like my Sunday afternoon beats, im pleasantly surprised by this piece and strongly urge you to cop this.

It’s a free download and is well worth the 10 minutes download time to say the least. Look out for Swift Beats in the near future as im sure this is only the beginning for this young artist.

Download Here: Swift Beats & DJ Grind – The Takeoff




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