Is Rap Music Too ‘Poppy’?

May 16, 2009

In back to back weeks watching Friday Night with Jonathon Ross, we were shown interviews from two very different, but also successful pioneers of Urban music in both the US and the UK.

Dizzee Rascal - The UK's No.1 Rapper

Dizzee Rascal - The UK's No.1 Rapper

Last week we saw Dizzee Rascal’s interview. Rascal was arguably the first to commercially release UK Hip Hop/Grime, alongside his collective at the time, Roll Deep.
So, in 2002 when he joined the Underground crew and began his career in the music industry, it probably never appeared to the Rascola, that in seven years he’d be sitting on sofa with one of the World’s best known TV presenters… not to mention on the same show as Mr. Tom ‘Global Superstar, never made a bad film’ Hanks.

Personally, i felt when watching the show, that it was a milestone for UK Music on a whole, and when reading Bashy’s Blog who also outlined in brief the journey that UK Rappers have traveled to achieve such minor accreditation compared to the US market… it felt good to see Dizzee getting his 15 minutes of fame… as Andy Warhol would say.

Moving on, this week on J-Bo’s show, he had the main man within Global Hip Hop. The guy that has had this blog saturated with posts, simply because it’s been a long time coming and because, we’ll it’s interesting news to read… Eminem.

The World's Greatest Rapper?

The World's Greatest Rapper?

Looking a little ‘rattled’ shall we say, nervous and anxious to add.. Mr. Mathers, stating that he is “a little over one year sober” explaining in brief what he has been up to since Encore in 2005.

We knew he had been emitted to Rehab after an addiction to various meds, and also with the death of his best friend Proof and with further drama with his ex-wife Kim, life for the Detroit Rapper has been a rollercoaster.

Seeing him on the show last night, like with Rascal last week, was interesting and also refreshing.
I mean… How as readers, fans and victims of manipulated media can we possibly understand the media spotlight, the constant headlines, commitments and deadlines from Record Labels and Press? We spend time reading about their lives and listening to their music and analyze the whole process in short articles, imposing that we know them better than they know themselves.

I admit that i am an advocate of Hip Hop music, and am also a fan of both Dizzee and Eminem. But i also remember and still respect the facts that they are only musicians and have personal lives. Therefore my judgments purely entail aspects of their new music conquests.
Whilst, comparing two very different talents, i find myself feeling that not only has the BBC and commercial television decided to embrace Urban music, but Jonathon Ross also, has obviously been forced to research both of these artists and their history from then to now.

So what does it mean for Urban music where we have in back to back weeks, the leader in UK Rap and the greatest Rapper (arguably) of all time on the same show?

I think, it’s important to realize that we are in 2009 and no longer is Urban music fighting for it’s place in the music industry, lyrics are not causing such controversy like they used to, but instead are opening further doors. I mean, Jonathon Ross was embracing the fact that Eminem used to diss everybody and anybody!

On the flip side… Is Urban music so commercially viable now, that it is just ‘POP’ music, for families and teenagers?

At 24, am i too old to be listening to Eminem and Dizzee Rascal?

Now that is something to think about…

Click here to watch all videos of both Dizzee Rascal and Eminem on Jonathon Ross.


One comment

  1. Yes, it is now just pop

    todays generation is pathetic, easy lives, no struggles

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