Review: Eminem – Relapse

May 10, 2009

Is Eminem Back?

Okay so anyone that has read my blog knows that I’m a big Eminem fan, however, when reviewing material, i try not to pass a biased view and if something is genuinely shit, then i will state that it is dog poop.

So Ten days prior to the full worldwide release of the sixth studio album by Mr. Mathers and I’m questioning whether i should take the opportunity of getting an advanced copy or just wait for release like everyone else.. (like that was ever gonna happen.)

Relapse is released on May 19th 2009

Relapse is released on May 19th 2009

Okay, so I’ve got Relapse… and upon writing this I’ve listened to it around four times… and that’s what it took to make me realize that it wasn’t that i was expecting something beyond amazing, cos let’s face it, if you’ve heard the Marshall Mathers LP… that was gonna be a seriously long shot. I was actually just expecting something to make me realize what we’ve been missing.

I realized that Eminem has taken it time out and has been very careful about this release.
Firstly, it’s part one of a two part Relapse compilation.
Secondly, just because it’s by Eminem, we shouldn’t be expecting some world changing soundscape based on controversial lyrics like he did when he first dropped… what needs to be said is that as a Rap album it makes everyone in the Commercial Hip Hop game look pathetic… excuse a few i.e: Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli, Common and Busta Rhymes.
Many people will judge this piece of music on his previous work, but if you compare it to 50 Cent, The Game, Nas, Jay-Z etc and their latest albums… it’s a killer.

The album is a mix of emotions, everyone knows Em had a drug problem for years, i was personally gutted when he canceled the European leg of his Anger Management Tour some years back. He lost his best friend in Proof, got divorced again from Kim and could have very easily swallowed up in to the dirt and been remembered for the white rapper that cussed everybody who thought they were untouchable.. ahem.. George Bush, Irv Gotti, Ja Rule and… Superman? LOL

This time he’s killing Nick Cannon… seems to be a little bitter of the Mariah Carey situation. Check Bagpipes from Baghdad.

When you listen to this, try not to skip, even though certain tracks will make you wanna through your speakers at the wall, listen to it as a story and understand the journey it has taken the worlds greatest rapper from his last great album which was The Eminem Show to Relapse Part I. Forget Encore… and remember Relapse.
From 3AM is his next release and is a dirty ugly track… key tracks from this album are: My Mom, Bagpipes From Bagdad, Same Song and Dance, Stay Wide Awake, Old Time’s Sake, Deja Vu, Beautiful and then listen to the final track Underground/Ken Kaniff. It’s one of those shiver tracks… HEAVY!

Released on May 19th (same day as Busta RhymesBack on my bullshit…whoa) If i was you i would wait! I couldn’t but am still gonna buy it just for the sake of it!

I can’t wait for Part Two… word is late 2009. Bring it!

My rating: 8/10



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