May 5, 2009

Ok, so where did this guy come from? Anyone… anyone at all? Cos, im now hearing and seeing Charlie Sloth everywhere so i take some time out to check out his movements and boy…I am impressed!

This guys show ‘Being Charlie Sloth’ is BRILLIANT!

Here’s a quote from Radio One and Dizzee Rascals tour DJ – SEMTEX
“Being Charlie Sloth is the epitome of what an artist should be doing in this day and age, versatility is the key to survival in this game. His reality show is hilarious, but at the same time an incredible vehicle to build the Sloth brand. He is promoting his music, creating characters, scripts, etc. The scene in episode 10 where he plays the role of 5 characters trying to get into the studio is genius. This show should be on BBC 3 or Channel 4. With further development ‘Being Charlie Sloth’ could easily sit next to ‘Skins’ or ‘Shameless’. Ricky Gervais and Sacha Baron Cohen all started out doing similar stuff to what Charlie is doing now.”

Damn Straight!

Check out the video below for an hilarious episode!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Links: CharlieSlothTV


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