KeepMeOut.com: This is Brilliant!

April 30, 2009

As we know, everyone and their pets have Facebook accounts, and now with Twitter on a world takeover and youtube making MTV look like Channel U (im not linking these sites for a reason), people have gradually become addicted to social networking!

Now, as im a student/event organizer, my problem is finding the medium. As being online and plugging my events is a vital part of our promotion campaign, however, when you have 10,000 words to write for a project, i should be staying well away.

So say hello to Keepmeout.com

Click the image to keep away from your addicted sites!

Click the image to keep away from your addicted sites!

You basically add the URL of the site that is killing all your life, and then the service will provide you with another URL that you should use to access the service (ideally you should bookmark it and always use it – which i have now done). Happy days!

If you try to access the site more than once within a specific time interval, say 10 minutes – which is how often i seem to be checking ol’ Facey-B, the service will block you and basically tell you your a complete loser and to FUCK OFF and do something productive with your life!

Exactly what i needed to hear to get the introduction to my dissertation done! Brap


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