April 29, 2009

As a follower of anything Marvel create and a fan of the whole X-Men franchise (more so with the cartoons though), i must say as usual, i had quite high expectations for the long awaited Wolverine. Now i have a similar feeling to when i walked out of Spiderman 3, and that was with huge disappointment mainly as they used up my favorite character Venom with very little need to.

Now, the problem(s) with this so called ‘prequel’ to the franchise is the fact that they seem to have based everything around a widely regarded hunk in Hugh Jackman, paying very little attention to what their (Marvel and the Hollywood bill payers) larger audience would expect and demand from this title.
As much as i think good ol’ Hugh does what he does well, especially after his dazzling performance at this years Oscar’s (click here to see what i mean) within around 30 minutes i was bored of the site of his huge pecks and decided he needed a shave.

So with no shave and a further hour of basic CGI and even more basic script, i had decided that this addition to the franchise would not take refuge in my DVD collection in six months upon release. It’s just annoying when you know the story line of how the characters were created, but the writers decide it will make more revenue to play with the script and focus more on a few cheesy lines and a helicopter explosion!

So i ask a few questions to myself… why is Sabretooth not named Sabretooth, and has such a huge role, when in X-Men he is a completely different character. We waited for four films to see Gambit and aside from some nice graphics on his poker cards he’s a lame addition to the mutants! Wolverine was my favorite which is probably the same with most of the fans, but now im gonna vote for Prof. Xavier as seeing him hover in that wheelchair of his is more entertaining than anyone else in this saga!

So lets compare… The Dark Knight? Brilliant! Watchmen? Cack! Spiderman 1 & 2? Awesome! Spiderman 3? Average! Sin City? Fantastic! The Spirit? Awful!

I’m not even gonna bother looking for what is next in the comic book film range as it appears that very little ‘comic to film’ writers are producing anything to make these Millhouse look-a-likes quiver in their seats with the excitement of a dramatic entertaining fictional explosion!

At one point i felt like Nelson from The Simpsons stuck in a room full of nerds wanting to pound their faces into their popcorn boxes!

Now that would have been entertaining!!!

Rating: 5/10


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