Messy weekend!

April 27, 2009

The Monday afternoon recap of the long weekend!! Damn, i planned to go out just on Friday and have a messy one and then have a productive weekend cracking on with work.
Hmm… Ended up getting messy Fri, Sat and Sunday.
Anyone else tell themselves that come Monday they’re gonna get busy and have a productive week?
Seems i do so every week and fail miserably. Then again getting completely smashed can’t be classed as a fail right?

Let’s track back anyway…

Thursday night saw our weekly event at Club 8, Portsmouth called iAmUni and this week was the start of a new brand called Back To The Oldskool.
Headlined by legendary UK Garage duo DJ Luck & MC Neat, we had a solid night of oldskool anthems and bassline bangers.
Supported by the South Coast’s hottest DJ at the moment Jay Fresh Boy did he KILL it! Coming from a DJ angle myself, i must say i was overly impressed with both his track choice and technical ability. That’s being modest too.
So DJ Luck & MC Neat did their thing and we also had a special scenario happen too… Just so happens that N-Dubz & Tinchy Stryder were performing at the Pyramids Center and wanted to party afterward.
At about 1pm im sitting at the cash desk and this little chap with a woolly hat comes sprinting into the club… that was Dappy! Followed by Frazer, Tulisa and a seemingly miserable Tinchy Strdyer. Sure he’ll be feeling better now hes Number One in the charts with Number 1! Decent night!

Friday, i just hit the town with a few pals and Saturday i had a repeated now except without the casino foreplay. Tut Tut!

Sunday was Carnage! And i don’t just mean a messy ordeal, that it was, but it was the pub crawl event Carnage.
Bar crawling to Liquid & Envy armed with a t-shirt and a marker pen i was taking binge drinking to the extreme. Anyway, 2000 students floating about at once is a joke no matter what so it’s all banter! Much to my own problems im now struggling to crack right on.

Monday it is and im spending my time in catch up mode… anyone fancy giving me an assist i have a fiver an hour waiting cos all i wanna do is get involved with my 10 new Xbox games. Not gonna happen with 12,000 words still to write! Somebody say mercy!

In a bit x


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