April 9, 2009


OK, so it’s a Thursday and i have found that the week has gone by ridiculously fast and i have achieved very little by my standards. How has this happened? Laziness? Lack of organization? Distractions? All these questions hang over my head and I tell myself, NO. I’m not a lazy person.


I find myself waking up and checking my Facebook, twitter, email, hotukdeals, eBay over and over again. Whether its by iPhone or my laptop, i am becoming a sheep to the whole social networking bull and have forgot how to make things happen without the use of a gadget. From attending the gym (which i pay £35 a month for…yes it’s Fitness First) four times per week to a pathetic once a week session now.

I am slowly becoming a bum. It’s the Easter holidays and some may say it’s OK to be a little chilled out now.
I should be disagreeing and saying, f**k that, I am 24 and I haven’t made a million yet.
I have just turned down a huge graduate opportunity as i want utilize the time i have after graduation to get my company fully established and be ready to compete HARD in events by the start of the next student year in October.

It’s time to get busy!

Now, what do i do? Delete the apps on my phone and the bookmarks on my lappy or have an organized schedule?

Time to spend less time on the iPhone app store, on the net (unless im researching some relevant gumph) playing Xbox 360, eating out, shopping for shit i don’t need and all around ‘wasting my time’… cos time is precious!
A quote i love always rings a few bells… “You can always make more money, but you can’t ever make more time.”

So, by the next time i write a post I’ll have something interesting to chat about cos since i last made a post, I’ve done f**k all and won’t bore you with grabbing a video link or post someone else has spent time writing about.

Peace out…


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