Eminem – We Made You (VIDEO)

April 7, 2009

Eminem is back! Be one of the first to see this video! Released today at 1PM GMT.

Check my latest videos on the side bar >>>>>>>>>>> as initial video link has been removed

Leave comments and i’ll be back with a review shortly!



  1. should of never come back…

  2. Love the fact that everyone hates it, but in 3 weeks time will be singing along to it! He always releases a cheesy first song! Looking forward to relapse!

    • Yeah my initial thoughts make me think of Encore and how dreadful that was compared to his early work. But am looking forward to the album although the first two tracks aren’t very impressive. I can’t imagine they haven’t prepared for every possible outcome with this album so im expecting and anticipating an all over masterpiece!

  3. Not serious bruv, see what u sayin about Encore, has the same feel as the Without Me single. That Crack a Bottle wasnt ne gud eeva man, so dissappointing….

    Gonna go back to my Marshall Mathers LP..

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