Eminem’s first video in five years!

April 5, 2009

Does Eminem know how to make a comeback or does he know how to make a comeback? He’s giving his patient fans more than what they bargained for. Interscope Records announced Thursday (March 5) that Slim Shady is dropping two albums this year, Relapse and Relapse 2.

The first LP has been slated for May 19, with a single and video premiering on radio and television airwaves on April 7. It sounds like this record will be in addition to Crack a Bottle,” which has already gone #1.

Relapse 2 doesn’t have a release date yet, but in a statement, Em said that he’s currently in the studio working on that project and it will come out in the second half of this year.

“A lot of people were expecting Relapse to drop last year,” Eminem said in the press release. “I was one of them. Then Dre and I went back in the studio in September for a few days, and that turned into six months. We were on such a roll; we wound up with a ton of new music produced by Dre. Putting out Relapse 2 will let everyone get all of the best stuff.”

His latest track, “We Made You,”, would seem to fit right in with that legacy. The clip is set to premiere on MTV’s AMTV Tuesday at 6 a.m. and repeat every hour across different MTV platforms and appear on MTV.com exclusively for the first 24 hours after it debuts. The song will also be serviced to radio the same day, and the album is scheduled to arrive on May 19.

So make a note! ‘We Made You,’ Eminem’s first video in five years, premieres on MTV Tuesday at 6 a.m.
I’ll be making a post and review as soon as it’s out! You dun Kno.

Eminem on the set of his new video, "We Made You".
Eminem on the set of his new video, “We Made You”.

Another shot from the "We Made You" video shoot
Another shot from the “We Made You” video shoot



  1. Damn, Em has finally lost the bleach blonde hair gimmick! Its a good look!

  2. Yeah, Eminem Eminem =)

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