Living in a Digital World

April 1, 2009


A few weeks back i attended a digital media course in London that was referred to me by my friend Theo that i worked with at Orange Rockcorps.

From the course, i was given a key insight into Social Media, and by Social Media, i mean what me and you use on a daily basis, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and Twitter.

Now i was already pretty confident on these sites and i generally get to grips with any form of digital technology pretty quickly. But what the guys at Cubed Media spoke about was a whole different take on what i already knew.

The three guys that gave detailed presentations were Ade from All Star Media & Marketing, Andrew Davis author of The Worst Kept Secret site and Mike Duwona from EMI Music.

Ade was the director of the course and facilitated the three day learning venture, with experience in the Music Industry and Digital Media, everything he said was worth writing down. Mike Duwona, came across as a pioneer of digital media and was one of the very first to see the digital world happening before most others did. When record label bosses were saying that digital media was a FAD (passing phase) and advising their staff to push on other products that were compact disc related, Mike, saw things differently and acted when he saw an opportunity.

Mike said this about how meetings would run back in the day…
“TV would be first on the agenda, followed by print and then radio, then everything else and if they had time, maybe and i mean maaaaybe, they would ask about the digital campaign”.

This was around 2006. In 2009 his words are:

“Meetings don’t start until the digital team are there”.

My, how things have changed in a few years. Now digital has only really been huge since around 2005, and Andrew Davis from The Worst Kept Secret and a consultant for MySpace has been working within digital since then. His site The Worst Kept Secret is amazing for advice on Social Networking advice and career options. Check it out.

I am merely a newcomer compared to these guys, but i have also seen the movement happening and taken my opportunities when given them. I have analyzed the social media avenues before most within the last six months and have profited from the knowledge.

In my next few posts i will be diving further into the social media/digital world and will also be posting video interviews with some big digital media bosses that i have recorded as part of dissertation project.

A final word from Andrew Davis:

“The revolution won’t be televised, it will be online”.


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