Education is the key!

March 26, 2009

Last night I attended the first public launch of Alexander Rose’s STOP campaign.
Start, Think, Stop was the name given to the event and was put together with the help of Jack Morton, Battlefront and the Ministry of Sound club.

A video was shown of Alex in Wales where he attended a steal factory to see the process of melting down 700 guns and knives that Police had recovered into liquid metal. The metal was then used to construct a key design that Alex had put together. I remember when Alex came down to our STOP fundraising event @ I Am Uni on 12.02.09 and showed me the sketch of the key idea and at that point it was just a sketch. Six weeks later hes made it reality, and has Channel 4, Ministry of Sound, a huge marketing company and people like Richard Blackwood involved. What an achievement!

Now late March Alex has the keys and with the help of the UK’s Police departments they are using the keys to attempt to create an amnesty on guns and knife crime. Personally, i am backing Alex all the way and will help him push and push till the end. I created I Am Uni to offer a positive and inspirational expression from the entertainment scene and wanted to meet people like Alex who are the ones that make the difference.

Some of the performers on the night were absolutely exceptional, with two of them leaving me speechless. Kasha, an extremely talented and inspirational young rapper amazed the crowd with his intense poetry and positive philosophical messages. So much so, that i had to purchase a copy of his album after, only £3. Then bumping in to an old friend i knew from Music Academy that ended up being the engineer behind Kasha’s album. Of course, as networking is my philosophy we exchanged details and i spoke of booking this future superstar down in Portsmouth.
The other amazing act were a female group knows as the Boxettes. They are vocal quintet of four singers and one beatboxer. My research has lead me to see that the beatboxer named ‘Bellatrix’ is actually the UK’s top female beatboxer… figured! In my next post i will leave a video of these girls in action.

So towards the end of the night I was given my key. All i had to do was sit in front of video camera alongside JR and state what i have done and what i will do to help the fight against gun and knife crime in the UK. Simple. Now i have the most priceless piece of bling on the market.

Please get involved and check out any of these links:
STOP Videos
STOP facebook group

Below is a close up of my key…

Education is the key


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