All other blogs must now take a step back…

March 24, 2009

Welcome to the blog to end all blogs!

I Am… Luca.

That’s the who? And if you’ve found your way here you may already know who i am. Maybe you’ve seen a link and navigated your way into this mess… If this is true, you are extremely lucky.


Because, this is my blog, and i am going to give you an insight into social networking, entertainment, the music industry and my life.

In the four years i spent at Portsmouth University, two years at Music Academy and six months working for myself… I have seen, learnt, created and achieved a lot of what i had grown up wondering if was possible.

I created this blog with an idea of what i was going to chat about, but more of a decision to just get on it and get busy with it. Blogs are happening and people are reading them… which means there are people that wanna know more about something and for me thats an opportunity in itself.

Now it’s not all about the money… if it was, i wouldn’t be writing this… i would have some other chump writing it for me. It’s about acknowledging that the world is developing and we are in a digital age. I know it and you know it. Doors are opening and we now all have the opportunity to make something of ourselves, just by taking note of what avenues are available.
With these avenues i have found myself understanding what the public demand is and why others fail. Does it mean i am successful? No. But i am a step further on my path to achieving success than i was yesterday.

In my blog i will outline insights into social networking and how to maximize yourself and your brand. I will also be writing and reviewing the best and the worst of Portsmouth’s clubbing scene, urban music and all things gossip related.

It’s time to get busy…

iAmLucaImage Designed By Tom Grant



  1. […] the 24th March 2009 i had the idea to create a blog. My words at the time in my first post were “I created this […]

  2. […] the 24th March 2009 i had the idea to create a blog. My words at the time in my first post were “I created this […]

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